When the LF-configuration has been correctly uploaded, only minor adjustments should be necessary. Here is how to choose menu commands using the keyboard: No No External obstruction NF alarm? If no new alarm is available in the ILS storage buffer no data will be downloaded, and you will be notified about the situation. This will send the current screen contents to the printer port selected in the Print setup window.

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Figure Input dialog for digital maintenance parameters To change zw setting for a digital parameter click in the normal state field or use the space bar to toggle. If found out of tolerance, investigation should be carried out.

It is the one with the double-lined border around it. In addition to the rf wattmeter readings, it is recommended that a digital voltmeter dvm be used to obtain reference readings for carrier and sideband power in normal, wide, and narrow alarm.

The strap settings for each frequency and equipment type are shown in Table B-6 and Table B Depending on the antenna system installed, up to 4 DC-loops can be active.

There is no provision for adjustment. The maintenance measurements from the monitor frontend boards will be affected by the 77013 input signals, i. This window shows the measurements on the external channels. No Common cabling is faulty. This page was last updated: If found out of tolearance investigate the reason.



The Export data function is located on the file menu. Every window that displays ILS parameters has a small control window. The moddm in this window can be used to adjust the power measurements done on the trans- mitters. Remove the other PS unit.

Normarc 7013 Ils Operating Manual Huog Dan Van Hanh 91140

The normal ground mocem provides a system check that is representative of the user’s view. This window shows the same information as the Alarm storage window, except that this window does not have the alarm specific functions. You can click the arrowheads to scroll or drag the text.

Pressing Inc on a Hz level will decrease the potentiometer value, while Dec will increase the value.


RF level should now be 3. Sisgx lan is info about download driver xp sisgx lan e sis dt.

User in level 3 access. B-3 Table B-4 Factory default delay values. The arrowheads after each input field in this dialog can be clicked on to increase or decrease the displayed limit modfm.

Therefore, it can be easily determined the maintenance warning status of the system by looking at the top window Figure only. Also, the test phaser should have been previously checked with a vector voltmeter to ensure accuracy. If there is a warning on the standby monitor frontend board AND there is no warning or alarm indication on the standby monitor measurements then the standby monitor frontend board is faulty.


The effectiveness of the sideband only SBO radiated energy in producing off-course guid- ance clearance is compromised by rf misphasing. You will be prompted to enter a file name for the exported data. For information on how to download and display historical data see Chapter 5 in the Operating Manual.

Digital parameters are displayed as outlined in the above table. Figure Input dialog for analog maintenance parameters To change the setting for a analog parameter, type in the wanted low and high warning limits in the corresponding fields.

Set DIP switches on the remote modem. Use the arrow keys again to select a command from the menu you have opened. This makes the menu bar active; the next thing you type will relate to the items in the menu bar.