Equal percentage control characteristic shall be provided for water coil control valves. Application controller shall be programmed using same programming tools as building controller and as described in operator workstation section. Enclosure shall be NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosure and will have an industrial quality coating. Dampers used for two-position or open-close control shall be parallel blade type arranged for normally open or closed operation as required. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Similarly, allow the workstation operator to toggle the binary object’s status by selecting with the mouse, for example, a graphic of a switch or light, which then displays a different graphic such as an “ON” switch or lighted lamp.

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Logging shall include recording the following information for jsb and every tenant event:. NEMA 2 rated enclosures for inside mounting, provide with weather shield for outside mounting. Controller shall also include support and alertno programming for interface to intelligent room sensor with digital display.

Systems that write over stored records shall not be allowed unless limited file size is specified. Operator shall be able to change information for a given weekly or exception schedule if logged on with the appropriate security access.

Wireless sensors shall be supported by the Touch screen Communicating Thermostat:.

BTL Listing of Tested Products

Please refer to Section Application controller shall be programmed using same programming tools as building controller and as described in operator workstation section. A list of functions available and a sample of function block programming that shall be part of delivered system. Archive files shall be appended with new data, allowing data to be accumulated. User Comment text can be input upon acknowledgement of an Alarm.


Bidders shall provide a list of at least 10 projects, similar in size and scope to this project completed within the past 3 years.

Alerton Ascent Control Module

Application controller shall be programmed using the same programming tool as Building Controller and as described in operator’s workstation section. The valves shall have an ISO type, 4-bolt flange for mounting actuator in any orientation parallel or perpendicular to the pipe.

Water shall not be allowed to contact actuator or internal parts. Building controller shall periodically upload trended data to networked operator’s workstation for long-term archiving if desired. Each controller module shall support shedding of up to loads using a minimum of two types of shed programs. Valves with spring allerton actuators shall close off against 50 psi pressure differential with Class III leakage 0.

Analog shed program shall generate a ramp that is independently used by each individual zone or individual control algorithm to raise the appropriate cooling setting and lower appropriate heating setting to reduce energy usage.

Alerton Building Automation Resources

System database shall be capable of storing up to 50 million records before needing to archive data. Wizard shall walk user through necessary steps.

It shall be the port that is used for the browser to receive Web pages and alertn from the Web page host. Graphic files shall be created using digital, full color photographs of system installation, AutoCAD or Visio drawing files of field installation drawings, and wiring diagrams from as-built drawings.


Alsrton may be viewed both on-site or off-site using WAN or remote communication. In addition, OFF alertoj for each shall also be shown in additional colors.

Provide security system that prevents unauthorized use unless operator is logged on. Include location and unit served on nameplate. Building controller shall be of modular construction such that various modules may be selected to fit the specific requirements of a given project. The Building Automation System BAS system shall be designed, installed, commissioned, and serviced by manufacturer authorized and trained personnel.

Editing and area assignment shall be created or modified online using xlerton icon tools. Software required to program application specific controllers and field level devices and controllers will be left with the owner. Application controller shall be programmed using programming tools as described in operator’s terminal section. Viewing may be accessed directly from any and all graphics on which a trended object is displayed. Delete for other projects.

Position indicator device shall be installed and made visible to the exposed side of the actuator.