If you can overlook all the mentioned disadvantages as I have, I would fully and sincerely recommend this product. That’s no miracle, probably the test sample had already been on numerous desks. Note that the email indicator works with only Microsoft Outlook. Please, switch off ad blockers. The reason is that the battery is accommodated in the front range of the laptop. In the test of susceptibility for creation of streaks the level 6 could be achieved in the program Pixperan, and thereby is inconspicuously average. The double hook sealing system is handled by two slidegate valves, which are functioning separately from each other.

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Asus A6J Review (pics, specs)

Mine works with iTunes now. The top side especially in front of the keyboard remained pleasantly cool. It is plainly good-looking with a dark grey finish to the surface; generally I would think it appears very professional and macho.

The Asus A6J is provided very well with interfaces. The memory card slot has a solid spring action, and is protected by a dummy card.

Review Asus A6Ja – Reviews

Also, the Fn key on the left is on the left of the left Ctrl button, which FPS gamers may not be used to initially. The keyboard a6000 great to use in my opinion. Heavy Too hot for lap use, and warm around palm area as well Extremely hot adapter Keys, buttons, and screen may be too firm for some A66j of USB ports Poor ASUS software for controlling webcam and shortcut keys Poor battery life No security features No expresscard slot To summarize, the A6J is aaus a business notebook as touted, except for its looks.


The ASUS utility software, however leaves much to be desired. Therefore fan exit and interfaces can be positioned in the back. The color representation diagram shows a usual deviation of the blue curve and warm colors of the screen.

Asus A A6J Drivers For Windows XP | Downloads Driver Laptop

The buttons may be stiff to some, but personally I need the physical feedback. On the other hand, having used the laptop for about a month now, I am starting to see some slight wear on the cover, which may not be a good sign. The optical drive is as noisy as any other I have used, and I can never understand why.

Before Notebookcheck was founded, I worked as a developer of bookkeeping software. More importantly, as long x6j the notebook is placed on a hard surface which ensures that the speakers would not be blocked, the output is just fine. The display cover in the fga lower area is likewise somewhat wobbly. I wanted to be different and yet not give up on quality and design, and ASUS laptops generally pretty much fit the bill.

Excellent build quality — keys, buttons, and screen firm and well built Great Duo Core and graphics performance Classy look Beautiful screen Carbon fiber material Inexpensive Wealth of connectivity options I like the mouse!

Even the ASUS logo looks classy, and all the buttons, touchpad etc are very well made and fitted. Comparatively high heat emissions and therefore also noise emissions are quite negative features. That’s no miracle, probably the test sample had already been on numerous desks.

The machine runs with practically no sound, and I am very happy with this aspect, except for the times when you are running a DVD or CD. Next, the Hotkey software does not allow customization of software. Still, assuming it does axus malfunction, adapter heat should rarely be a problem.


You can learn here, whether the laptop is useful apart from the good features. Compared with my Pentium 4 2. There are neither light leaks nor uneven backlighting — further proof of the high quality ASUS is churning out. cga

The high-speed keys for adjusting the volume, display brightness etc. The Power4Gear which allows customization of power profiles and quick change of profiles and LiveUpdate which updates your default notebook software are fine though, performing as they should.

Review Asus A6Ja

The workmanship of the notebook shows a slight lack of quality. Loudspeaker The loudspeakers sound somewhat dull and can not really convince. It is a poor design to lump the USB ports together, which means no easy access for vvga and such.

Due to my need to travel to Canada in a few months time for half a year, the 2-year global warranty was very attractive, with the service centre very near my future residence. The convenience of a webcam may be useful for some, as it really beats having another item to carry.

The adapter takes the cake — it gets too hot even for me, and makes me wonder if it is spoilt.