Then switch and test again. Hi, just for info, here running RT 5. Kernel kext debug here http: Libm 1 System Profile: Jul 10,

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I don’t recall any Atheros hardware being natively supported. OK, I gave that a try, I downloaded the dev branch. Anyways, I got wifi working but bluetooth wont work in spite of installing the kext.

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Macs can be very fussy when it comes to RAM. I took a look at gtk3 and it looked normal too, but I can experiment with an upgrade to see if it helps. Posted April 1, Keep it clean No torrent links or P2P of copyrighted material: Please make sure to flair your posts by clicking the “flair” button below the post. Tried on Clover, wifi works, but BT no load.


FMP14v3 Mac OS X 10.11 crashing

Posted October 4, I will try shutting down everything not needed and try opening just RawTherapee. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: My thought being that that might give a clue as to what is happening. Be sure to delete that folder it has cache and config stuff before running again to see if that helps.

I will try to post it in two pieces. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

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User profile for user: This sub is dedicated to legally obtained copies of OS X. Or sign in with one of these services. What should i do to make working wi-fi. All appears to be English and US.

Keep in mind the region attheros NA is for the country of Namibia. Posted March 30, However, while the kext on I’m not using any of this models in my smbios.


I shut down everything but RawTherapee, no luck there. Then switch and test again.

Did two tries with the same result. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Built-in iSight Thunderbolt Bus:. Possibly the same thing happened with my gtk3 installation. Jul 10, And ofc the linux id search engine: Posted September 30, Posted November 16, Technically I should be getting the same crash.

ReadOnly portion of Libraries: