A password is required to access the Setup Utility only. Hold the CPU down firmly, and then close the lever toward direct B to complete the installation. Power Management Setup This submenu allows you to configure the power management features. Former-Sts will restore the system to the status before power failure or interrupt occurs. It breaks up a large file into smaller blocks and performs disk reads and writes across multiple drives in parallel. Heade rs for USB 2. Item Options Description Date mm:

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User Define default Allow you to set each bioxtar individually. Look for the white triangle on socket, and the gold triangle on CPU should point forwards this white triangle.

Page 10 Motherboard Manual Step 4: Video Nf20-a2 Method This option determines the manner when the monitor goes blank. This chipset manage xudio speeds and access to system memory resources, such as DRAM. When the CPU is over heated, the motherboard will shutdown automatically to avoid a damage of the CPU, and the system may not power on again. This completes the installation. AUTO default1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x. Connect the fan cable to the connector while matching tte black wire to pin 1.


Hard disk can be read and applications can be used but booting from hard disk 2. If you have change the setting, you must let the system boot up until it goes to the operating system, before this function will work.

Biostar NF A2, Socket AM2, AMD Motherboard | eBay

Click on the Manual icon to browse for available manual. T his equipment generatesusesand c an radiate radio frequency.

Connect the fan cable to the connector while matching the black wire to pin 1. This PCI slot is designated as 32 bits. RAID techniques can be applied for high-availability solutions, or as a form of automatic backup that eliminates tedious manual backups to more expensive and less reliable media. Dual Channel Memory installation To trigger the Dual Channel function of the motherboard, the memory module must meet the following requirements: For better system performance, the BIOS firmware is being continuously updated.

Remove the socket protection cap. The cool Hardware Monitor smartly indicates the temperatures, voltage and CPU fan speed as well as the chipset information. Auto defaultNormal, Weak. Ref ormat the hard driv e. Click on each device driver to launch the installation program. Further the vendor reserves the right to revise this.


Auto default2 times, 4 times, 8 times, 16 times. Further the vendor reserves the right to revise nr520-a2 publication and to make c hanges to the c ontents here without obligation to notify any party beforehand.

Smart, Always On default. All hard disks are capable of breaking down at any time. This completes the installation.

Enabled default Enable cache. Requires 2 driv es for the storage space of one driv e. Ausio up data and applications System only boots f rom optical driv e. Choosing On will reboot the computer.

Biostar NF520 A2, Socket AM2, AMD Motherboard

You will need Acrobat R eader to open the manual file. This function allows user to adjust CPU voltage. Assignment Mic Left in Ground