However, the excitation state is unstable and because of this volatility the raised level of energy in the excitation state can be dissipated in one of several ways. Photochemical damage is theorized to result from the exposure of retinal tissue to generated free radicals. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Not the cool kind, either. Tumours or lesions treated with TTT show cellular destruction and necrosis resulting from direct cytotoxic effects including cell nucleus and mitochondrial damage. This relationship between light and energy is described by the equation: Spectral transmission of the human ocular media.

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Elevated retinal zeaxanthin and prevention of light-induced photoreceptor cell death in quail. In an effort to replicate the potentially protective effect of a cataractous natural crystalline lens, some surgeons have elected to implant these blue blocking lenses.

Owing to their molecular nature, the macular pigments are able to use their high number of double bonds to neutralize singlet oxygen, free radicals, and triple state photosensitizers, and adbanced limit lipid membrane peroxidation. I will be taking pictures of the petris tomorrow evening and will post them to show you the growth.

Several rodent experiments have shown davanced rats raised in lighted environments may produce protective antioxidative enzymes to guard against photic damage. A study from Japan by Hirakawa et al used computer-based image analysis to measure facial hyperpigmentation and facial wrinkle length as an indication of lifetime sun exposure.

Free radicals form after the higher energy level of the excitation avdanced is used to split the bond in another molecule either by direct electron exchange or direct hydrogen exchange. I know they use these to completely sanitize everything so Im curous to see if this will keep a colony healthy past a few fruitings.


The transmission of light; through the ocular media of the rabbit eye.

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Independent studies by Noell et al and Organisciak et al suggest that rhodopsin may have a deleterious effect on photochemical damage to the retina. Effects of antioxidant nutrient deficiency on the retina and retinal pigment epithelium of albino rats: Prog Clin Biol Res.

Screening for ocular phototoxicity. The period of greatest potential damage correlate to the period of greatest outer segment phagocytosis. Transmittance of the visible spectrum through the components of the bovine ocular media.

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The second stage, or reparative stage, is characterized by lessening oedema, pigmentary migration, and scar formation. The study concluded, however, that iris colour was inconsistently related to the presence of early age-related macular degeneration lesions and the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

The Beaver Dam Eye Study followed patients over a year period. While the previously mentioned studies do suggest that some relationship exists between photochemical damage to the retina and the settings buwh light exposure, it is also clear that adaptation mechanisms can have a vital function in reducing the susceptibility to light damage.

The ability of light to cause damage resembling the changes seen in age-related macular degeneration, in animal studies, has led to the investigation of sunlight exposure as a risk factor for macular degeneration.

The exposure of radiant energy can cause the generation of free radicals in one of two ways. Open in a separate window. Not the cool kind, either.

Retinal irradiance from vitrectomy endoilluminators. Absorption of photothermal energy is thought to occur by one of three pigments: Just as the extent of photomechanical injury and photothermal injury varies with the rate of energy delivery and the magnitude of thermal increase, the severity of photochemical injury also depends on a number of different variables. Temperature distribution in selective laser-tissue interaction. Our understanding of the mechanism of light damage has grown extensively in recent years, but much remains advwnced be learned in the effort to reduce the effects of potentially toxic exposures.


The ability of light to cause an increase in mean bysh energy is inversely proportional to the wavelength of the light. The protective effects of melatonin, vitamin E and octreotide on retinal edema during ischemia-reperfusion in the guinea pig retina.

The ability to translate photic stimulus into usable visual information relies on the complex interaction between the different structural and functional components of the eye and brain. A simplified genesis of quantum mechanics. The Blue Mountains Eye Study.

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A photon can be absorbed by a molecule only if the photon energy is equivalent to the energy difference between the molecule’s current energy state and an allowed higher-energy level known as the excitation state. A comparative study of photic injury in four inbred strains of albino rats. This follows from the observation that the action spectrum of Class I damage is identical to the absorption spectrum of visual pigment.