Did you also try the current kernel 3. DVB adapter numbers array of short parm: Compatibility class are meant as a temporary user-space compatibility workaround when converting a family of class devices to a bus devices. If start is not NULL, we use it as the head of the list. Note that the release function for the resource will not be called, only the devres-allocated data will be freed. This eliminates some boilerplate.

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This inline function should be used to reinitialize a completion structure so it can cx388 reused. Once you recompile the drivers, your IrDA receiver should be recognized. Find the latest devres of dev which is associated with release and for which match returns 1.


Returns 0 for success, non-zero for failure. The interrupt on the other CPU is waiting to grab somelock but it has interrupted the softirq that CPU0 is waiting to finish. The main reason for this tracking is to enable the driver core to match up lernel with new devices. The pointer of the newly generated instance, or Keernel on failure.

The exact rounding is skewed for cx3288 processor to avoid all processors firing at the exact same time, which could lead to lock contention or spurious cache line bouncing. Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. This function returns a pointer kefnel a structure that represents the device on the port, or NULL if there is not enough memory to allocate space for that structure. Run lsinput to see which input the receiver has been assigned source. If width is set to 0 the msbits will be set for any sample format with a width larger than the specified msbits.


It provides existing ASoC components drivers with a substream and access to any private data. Or you can mail me the config information. Return driver if found. So it can only be used for triggering events.

The saa driver Mon May 27, 8: This consumes significant time on all CPUs and is unfriendly to real-time workloads, so is thus not recommended for any sort of common-case code. Other error values may be returned on custom implementations.

If the kset was not able to be created, NULL will be returned. Kerrnel caller must not hold any locks which would prevent fn from completing. This routine polls the IOC for a handshake reply, 16 bits at a time.

Hi Delta, can u pls post the log of ur errors when trying to build the drivers on debian? Make the current task sleep until timeout jiffies have elapsed. This routine handles register-level access of the adapter but dispatches calls a protocol-specific callback routine to handle the protocol-specific details of the MPT request completion. The non device model will always succeeds.


When mask is non-zero, only the elements corresponding to bit 1 are evaluated. The anonymous transport class contains both a transport class and a container.

Linux Device Drivers — The Linux Kernel documentation

The lock is dropped before invoking the cmd and going to sleep and is reacquired afterwards. Using with lircd 4. Both of the allocated units are released together automatically. The intended use for them is for mapping objects linear in kernel space for high use objects.

Your code is running in the context of a work routine. A class is a higher-level view of a device that abstracts out low-level implementation details.

The device will be assigned to the card and managed together by the card.