The format is a number followed by minutes , hours , or days. This is especially true for telemetry systems such as ALERT self-reporting systems in which the sensor data is transmitted as an unsigned, integer number. The screen shown in Figure 9 will be displayed. To print the period index 1 time elements individually with the following specifications:. All sensor types you have defined in your database will be available. As with any computer and communication mechanism, there is always the possibility albeit fairly remote that either the computer or communications for data acquisition will fail. Period numbers are not provided:.

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If sensor index 1 had data values 1. Select period index incrementing first with the periodfirst descriptor. Follow her on Twitter MarenOberman.


Buy the selected items together This item: The Re-Calibration of Sensor Data screen is displayed. If you have groups already in the Select Group menu, the next sequential group number will be assigned.

Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. For this example, the database scrolled down showing an okay by each of the areas it was checking. Organize for collaborative work.

Data Wise: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to Improve Teaching and Learning

If you only want to read 5. B2C and B2B marketing campaign planners can benefit from doing a comprehensive data audit.


CLICK on the Separate box for one of sensors 2 through 4 to control which sensor is shown on the right axis. New data for a sensor replaces any existing data for the same sensor in the database, resulting in only the most current reading for each sensor.

This is the time you can reasonably expect a response before assuming connection will not be made. Although administrators may sometimes participate, when they do so, it’s always with the understanding that the objective isn’t to evaluate a teacher’s practice for accountability purposes but to reach a shared understanding of what’s happening in classrooms.

Map background 1 must be named: Leave this blank unless your system administrator has given you a password. The area should look as shown below:. Field precision or text string length: Next is the of hours earlier that your time zone quikc from Greenwich Time. It may be desirable to start with one of them for testing or modification to meet your needs. When the drrive has completed checking, it provides you with status and a DONE message as shown on the sample screen.

The purpose of the meeting wasn’t to tell teachers what the data meant, but to allow them to express curiosity about why the data looked as they did and develop a sense of urgency to find out the answer.

Eight Steps to Becoming Data Wise – Educational Leadership

This version was supplied with the PC To print period index 1 date as day or week, followed datawiss the abbreviated day of week in parentheses, use:. I did not finish it though. To store real-time data with history, as in 3 in the introduction, check the “Realtime” radio button and make sure the “Current Data Only” box is unchecked. These educators knew that simply naming the instructional strategy and recommending it wouldn’t be enough to ensure teachers would implement it well.


Eight Steps to Becoming Data Wise

You must also have created a relational database and given it a name using Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Data Sources. Will probably be my bible this year at my new job.

A time field width of 4 and no separator prints the hour and minute only. Currently, it cannot contain spaces. Heavy reading and can be a little The firstoffset defines the period start time and the secondoffset the period end time.

In addition to the processes you configure using the Realtime Data Collection Task Editorthis editor allows you to configure another very important function: Icons at the top of the Tabular Report provide options for: