I have a Comcast ethernet jack nearby also. These can be obtained from Radio Shack or Ebay easily. Thanks for the suggestion. This forces the STB to only tune when 3 digits are entered or the ok button is pressed. I’d like to thank you guys for putting in the work to resolve this bug. If the guide is showing up, then you have a wrong key sequence happening.

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Well, it seems like MyTray.

Channel changing works with 6. Craig iscraigh wrote on This is a compatibility list for using Firewire with Mythtv. It seems that they introduced a firmware update I don’t remember the version number that broke it for me.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility – MythTV Official Wiki

This page was last modified on 5 Januaryat This is useful for Dish Network receivers that go into “screen saver” mode after a period of inactivity.

Your mileage may vary, but if you’re having trouble, definitely try a different Firewire controller. I originally tried broadcast, but kept getting errors. Digital channels still show up, but only when the firewire hasn’t randomly shuffled nodes on me.


Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

I didn’t have to do any of this before, and have never had to use an external change change command. The only channels that appeared to be available were the local networks, the live video portion of the TVguide and PPV preview channels, and the music channels with slideshow. Even then, they would crop off part of the picture.

Anyone have a cookbook on installation integration with wintv card and SageTV. Are you still using the DCH?

A few that I don’t get are Mojo. Many HD recordings are marked as damaged and need seektables rebuilt. Point-to-point at Mbps is very stable broadcast works also.

MythTV_External_Channel_Changer – Community Help Wiki

dch300 My name My cable co Cable box Earth All! Channel change using ch. Build from source Fetch the source from http: After upgrading to 0.

MA All Using the 6. For the external channel change script, add: Works fine using Pace, P2P, Mbps.


Only works with one cable box: Find all posts by CoverD. Did not need add an external channel change script.

External Channel Changer

A null modem cable swaps several pins making it useless for this purpose. If it isn’t, ask them if they can activate it for your “Tivo”. Then, without warning, it became sporadic.

My DCT62xx works fine with firewire channel changing using the channelw. It’s almost impossible now to have a stable DVR with it, but I can still record digital channels from time to time. I’d like to thank you guys for putting in the work to resolve this bug. This is a relatively dchh3200 HD channel in the lineup too, so I’m hoping that 5C encryption on new channels isnt a new dch320 with Cox.