Write a review wzwrqfxwfxzusdsqfqadda. Enhanced Matte Paper Roll. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our use of cookies. Several million readers of the FLAAR digital photography, fine art, and wide-format water-based printer web sites had access to our comments in those years. The Epson Stylus Pro is not bad, it simply is not the leading edge any more. Not Specified by Manufacturer Cutter life: Be the first to review this item.

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Rated styluss out of 5 by Anonymous from A Serious Beast I was a little apprehensive when the gigantic Fedex Freight truck pulled up to my house, and when 11808 saw how huge the box was, and when I needed a small army of grown men to help carry it into the house, and when I encountered the learning curve of setting it upbut once I started using it, I fell in love. Sometimes the crowds were so large there were lines waiting to get into the booth.

The User-adjustable Dual-Tension Roll Media Spindle accepts either 2- or 3-inch media cores, and on certain media types, users can produce accurate impositions using a work-and-turn process.

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Epson 11880

We wish Epson well, but it epspn be a tough fight for market share, and shrinking market share at that. This provides efficient reloading of partially used media rolls with reduced errors resulting from misidentification of the media type being used and prevents the occurrence of running out of media part way through a long print job.


Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper. Advanced Black-and-White Printing The Advanced Black and White Printing mode is a unique Epson screening and color management technology developed to produce darkroom-quality black and white prints from either color or grayscale files. We have rounded up and curated the best printer reviews, YouTube videos, forum discussions and more on the net.

Epson Stylus Pro comments by Nicholas Hellmuth, FLAAR.

About Epson Epson printers are a smart option for you to keep on printing. Cold Press Bright 44″x 15m C13S Leave here in a Cardboard Box with. We have also tested the difference between 4 color systems and 6 color systems. If you are looking for a place that is not a box-pusher meaning you want a place that provides service after the salethen one place we know for many years is Parrot Digigraphic.

This unique driver takes full advantage of the three-level black technology to produce professional black-and-white prints from color or grayscale image files with no color crossover or color cast.

Epson Stylus Pro Reviews: Epson epon releasing their printer into a market already occupied by HP, and now also occupied by Canon. HP did not address the giclee and fine art photography market in a meaningful manner until the Atlanta ArtExpo when a new team was momentarily in charge of their giclee offerings booth was done by Squirt Printing.

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More recommendations for Epson and OP is leaning towards that purchasing decision. This eliminates the need for internal calibration devices since Epson evaluates and adjusts each printer’s performance at the manufacturing stage bit Printer Driver The Epson bit printer driver gives the Stylus Pro printers the ability to work in an entirely bit workflow on Apple Macintosh OS X wtylus systems.


We switched from doing only water-based printer reviews to eco-solvent because this is where the marketplace was moving. Furthermore, an optional Retractable Fabric-Based Media bin safely captures multiple cut prints up to 64″x 36″ in size. Also shop in Also shop in.

Now the Epson Stylus Pro is finally being shown to the public. Three-Level Black Ink Technology The Stylus Pro stylue simultaneously used Black, Light Black, and Light Light Black inks to significantly improves the printer’s gray balance while eliminating color casts, and provide impressive midtones and highlights for smoother tonal range, and improves overall black density for significantly richer blacks up to 2.

Epson Stylus — The best printer stlus, YouTube videos, forum discussions and more. Cold Press Bright 17″x 15m C13S Discussion regarding advantages and drawbacks of the Epson Stylus Pro and the When a partially consumed roll is removed, the printer will automatically print a small barcode on the epsn of the paper that will identify the paper when it is reinserted.

Prints like a dream.

Not Specified by Manufacturer Cutter life: Production Canvas Matte, mm x 12,2m C13S And, when combined with the Epson AccuPhoto HD screening technology you’ll be able to print with at an astonishing resolution of x dpi, and obtain extremely accurate fine color blends and photographic transitions.

Coated Paper 95, mm x 45m C13S Have we recognised your operating system correctly?