Sep 9 at I’ve retraced all steps that got me WiFi with Fedoras up to this one. Thanks for any help, in advance. Modprobe -r ssb modprobe -r wl modprobe wl This made my wifi card come to life: I’ve got same error on my Fedora I have had other problems with F28 that I didn’t have on F For now, I believe this question should be closed.

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Go to the above link, and scroll to the post by gob I spent a long time trying to find a solution that worked consistently, and I came upon a fdeora in fedoraforum. For anyone who has problems with the current answer, you can try removing broadcom-wl first by: I just installed Fedora 26 and cannot get it to see my wireless.

Broadcom Wifi on Fedora 26 kernel : Fedora

Hmm, I doubt this laptop even has that. I didn’t have to do any of the nonfree repositories like others are saying. If you are using the b43 driver from 3. I have the same issue with my computer as it uses Broadcom Wifi and Bluetooth.


It worked fine under Windows, so I know the card is good. As it is, I didn’t really have the chance to check if I can extract the firmware with bfwcutter from the original release. But that aside, the laptop’s WiFi did work fine before upgrading to Fedora Sep 9 at Due to the fact I didn’t already have the kernel-devel package installed and it is not a required dependency I had to include the following two steps BEFORE running the modprobe command:.


For now, it seems things are working alright, but I guess this thread can be referenced should this arise anew.

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RPM resource broadcom-wl

But the rest of the wifi stack still won’t recognise it. Not having WiFi on this laptop is most unpleasant, as being tethered to a router with a Cat5e cable is not really practical here for my application.

I have had other problems with F28 that I didn’t have on F Now you should be able to go to the status menu I’m assuming you’re using the default workstation edition of Fedora with GNOMEif you’re wondering what a status menu is see the diagram with the red numbers in it shown hereenter in your WiFi credentials and you should be able to connect to the WiFi without a drama.

This is another one in a long line of problems of this sort.


RPM resource broadcom-wl

With FC28 it simply does not. Check out the FAQ! That looks very promising.

Remove broadcom-wl and dependencies: Email Required, but never shown. Lw using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Your instructions are exactly what I did on FC26 and it worked then. HenrikH if you wanna thank me you could upvote my answer: Then i install broadcom-wl. Try installing broadcom-wl from RPMFusion-nonfree. It is basically yes.

I’m just getting started with Fedora, and I’ve read a lot of stuff on Broadcom problems. Broadcom Wifi on Fedora 26 kernel 4.

Instead, I just upgraded to Fedora 29 and the issue resolved itself automagically.