August 20, at 8: Any ways, Best of luck. August 19, at 4: Check it out live at stomper All actionscript driven, no animations to bloat file size. Google Docs for my notes and spreadsheets docs.

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Homepage Amway – amway-latvia. September 2, at 7: Hi idea is nice. For this project I used flash, html, css and javascript.

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Wanted it to be unexpected, and I think we hit it! Ok so I had a few gripes with FlashDen — how hard could it be to create my own site to sell my products? So here is a percentage preloader example with source code and a source file to play with. I would also recommend you playing with google adwords, which might be also very effective — especially if you write a good and catchy ad text.

I actually use the free plan on Basecamp to manage my upcoming tasks. Alexa Search Engine Traffic. Who knows, if enough of us strike out on our own we might end up establishing a marketplace independent of its micro-stock roots.


It is fully customizable and fully driven by xml. It is a small file size as well, under 36kb swf!

Flashden Ultimate Portfolio Template with Admin and two Skins – templates

Especially when paired with a watchdog suite that auto starts or reboots in case of any module going fflashden. Watch as the video loads and see the scrub bar update as you watch. I did a lot of research on the best way to set things up and the following is what I ended up using.

Use an external xml playlist or set playlist values in flashvars settings. I wish you all the best with your sales. Free Like everyone else, Flsshden love Gmail. Everything is simple to setup and dirt cheap.

A little later I wrote a popular tutorial about adding shadows and gradients to make visuals pop. Trackback on Aug 20th, at 1: Flashedn techniques require the same first few steps. Back then, the gold standard of Flash site design was the appropriately named 2Advancedand the awesomeness of their sites was matched only by the wait on their preloaders.

Flashden : Flash Den – Flash Templates and Websites, Premade Flash Components

I check it every so often and provide answers. Integrate the video into your user experience with javascript integration as well as Google Analytics tracking on the video interaction!


Once end of list is reached scrolling stops, another version is available with a wrap-around feature: August 20, at 8: A few technologies have died, and many have grown up. Like everyone else, I love Gmail. How to sell your Flash templates or digital goods yourself These days the barrier to entry is extremely low for any kind of web-based business.

August 6, at 1: The layers where people work have gotten deeper, and people have gotten more specialised. Needless to say, my comments where deleted and now he is approving messages before they get posted.

Flashden has Flash templates including premade flash websites or flash components like a flash banner, flash intro, flash menu or flash preloader.