The printer is connected to a host system with a special serial cable. Print sheet can be selected by using ESC c 0. To provide compatibility with the standard IBM APA resolutions, the printer internally modifies the graphics to print as expected. The power up horizontal default is every eight spaces, i. Then when any sensor detects a paper-end, printing stops. DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of Windows drivers on the web.

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This is a fine adjustment for the print density. It is possible to select multiple sensors to stop printing.

If the named item does not exist or is not a macro, nothing happens. HRI is not available in vertical print mode. If the data is all numeric, the data can be ithafa as pairs.

There are two modes of operation for the Code 39 barcodes. The ithsca table lists interface signals and corresponding pins. If the printer is idle and a reset command is received or pending, the printer resets, and the buffer clears.

Whenever ithhaca is turned back on, the printer starts, performs Level 0 diagnostics, and re-enters Standby mode.


If both the serial and parallel ports are active, the serial reset is not acknowledged either because the reset operation removes the parallel response. All subsequent text, leading spaces, and trailing spaces are over-scored. Shaded Pitches are not recommended. Begin variable line spacing.

Please read these instructions carefully, as they are not the same as Self-Test. Up to 32 user-defined characters can be defined. Recipient shall not disclose any portion of this document to any third party. Ithaca POS Paper. Specific attention should be given to emulation and communications settings.

For this status request to function, the “Buffer Full Only” off-line option should be selected.

Ithaca 610 Printer Drivers

Generally, the horizontal graphic commands provide faster print than the APA graphic commands. If the font being defined is not suitable for the currently selected mode, a suitable font will be temporarily selected for the definition.

Setting tabs that are beyond the station width is possible. The power up horizontal default is every eight spaces, i.

Due to space limitations, only 16 characters can be printed. All characters in code pages as well as character sets are addressed as zero through Values greater than are converted to printable characters by removing the 8th bit. Refer to the buffer and preprocessor descriptions in later sections. Color data is sent in one of three color planes. UTFBE uses the big-endian method of sending the two bytes.


These features are not always compatible with Epson printers. Also, I get the modified audio via the headphone out. If the printer causes interference to radio or television reception, try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Unidirectional print should be canceled before normal text is printed.

Download drivers for the Ithaca Printer from Ithaca

Bar codes are printed at a x resolution. The printer prints an UPC bar code with the 11 digits sent to it and generates the check digit. The IPCL command prints from 00 to 99 lines. The default character font is 7 x 9.