Fax Active Screen Editing Abbreviated Destinations Viewing Counters meter Count Checking The User Registration Information Registering Group Destinations Specifying Confidential Communication

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Selecting Finishing Settings Punch Side Registration Motor Malfunctions Paper Dust Remover Editing Abbreviated Destinations Parts Layout Drawing Legal Restrictions On Copying To Register New Destinations To Specify The V3 Settings To Punch Holes In Copies Toner Supply Section To Call The Technical Representative Entering The Addresses Directly To Register A User Color Developing Motor m6 Manual Reception telephone Only Mode Setting Up The System Auto Reception fax Only Mode Clearing A Staple Jam Manual Bypass Paper Lifting Failure Imaging Unit Section iu Section Specifying User Settings Main Messages And Their Remedies Paper Jam History Hard Disk Access Error Printing The Page Number “page ” Function Checking The Scanner Transmission Log Logging In And Logging Out Tcr Sensor Control Paper Size Change minoolta Action When Data Transfer Fails Cache Function Of Web Browsers Table Of Contents Job Tab — Current Job Concept Of Parts Life For Px Nt 4.


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