We ain’t got no x I just overlaid the PCB layouts for 4-pin, 6-pin, and 8-pin connectors on top of each other and the holes all overlap. In conclusion, this was a fun experiment. The standard employs a single ended serial transmission scheme and , and data rate are limited as the standard employs single ended communication which is susceptible to. These same transmitters and receivers are single ended RS transmitters and ,. I won’t have use for all three. I’m glad someone is finally looking into it!

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AM 26LS30, Tube AM26LS30; R̦hre AM 26LS30 ID, IC РInte

For longer line lengths and higher datasingle ended interface the standard specifies a maximum line length of 6 metres. Unfortunately they are 6 feet long each which is way more than I needed, not to mention expensive, but I’ll deal with it.

Here’s the initial capture of the data. Digi-Key, for example, doesn’t stock it. Here’s a zoomed version eliminating all of the emptiness on the right: Apparently the EuroBeeb card can be configured like this with a couple of jumpers.

It’s going to take some serious work to do anything with it, starting with interfacing to it.


May 18, 1: On some unused space on an SNES multitap breadboard I didn’t want to tear apart, I hooked them up and gave myself some room to sniff some signals. The 26LS30 doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but the 26LS31 seems to be a reasonable replacement. Previous 1 2 Nice find, I’ll need to read through it. RS is an unbalanced to ground circuit.

Unless of course RS runs at different voltages?

The waveform isn’t very pretty, probably because of all the extra cable length and crap that I’ve added. Looks like it would work just fine!

The maximum data rate. May 20, 7: I’m hoping that the frames will mainly just directly convert between each other 26ks30 there might be weirdness with how LLAP and ELAP addressing work and the translation between the two–haven’t gotten that far yet into the AARP stuff.

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You need to use a pair of transceivers, such as the MAXto make the connections. It looks like the chip has to be clocked, so I’m going to need an oscillator to run the chip.

Sat Jul 19, 4: Sep 22, Hopefully it’ll be able to see what’s going on with the faster clock mode. We ain’t got no x Twisted pair and coax lines are used for single ended drive over longer distances but singlesingle ended communication which is prone to external factors. It may not be entirely applicable, since the avpn does a sort of NATing, but it doesn’t seem too bad.


26LS30 Datasheet PDF

Well, I decided to mention this here as I noticed the thread got picked up a little bit over at 68kmla For the SCC chip using SDLC, I happened to find a document from zilog that is an application note on how to implement localtalk, including their development board code.

Use 1 set as a transmitter, and another set as a receiver. I even meandered the traces so they’re all the same length, although I don’t think it matters at this bit rate Should work, but it’s untested as of yet. In lieu of these devices or the device BDD references, you can use two 8-pin RS transceivers, with one wired for receive only and the other for transmit only.

Fri Jul 18, 5: Serial connection to EuroBeeb card. If we multiply that by 8, we get I won’t have use for kine three.