The one you’ve been waiting for. On top of performance, the Radeon HD X2 brings with it a few advanced features, some that matter, some that don’t. I would hope that ATI can keep up their lead over nvidia with this or another series of card, but that doesn’t seem likely with their comparative lack of market share Reply. Last Minute Driver Drop: See, not only is the effect of two GPU’s rather surprising, so is the clock speed; while gaming the card will clock itself upwards towards an amazing MHz which is MHz on a reference Radeon HD Let me try to explain this in a very laymen explanation: We’ve changed, we promise.

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The Radeon series has always lagged behind NVIDIA when it came to performance under Crysis, and 3807×2 the old driver Crysis was a black eye on an otherwise healthy track record for the X2.

We suspect you wouldn’t want to go any lower than watts or so for a single X2, especially betw you paired it with a quad-core CPU.

Can Betx continue to cut it? PowerColor bundled the card with the following: AMD makes no official power supply recommendation for a single X2, although its Web site does suggest at least a watt power supply for two standalone Radeon HD cards. Also recommended is 30 AMP’s on the 12 volts rails for stable power distribution on a single card configuration Notice that the card uses one 6-pin power connector and another 8-pin connector.


More power for the simple expedient of more GPUs. Read on to out how it gets on! We find out how the company’s new part performs across eight games and three resolutions.

ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2

The Future of PC Gaming. The letter A is added to indicate the correction that was made in the measurement. Are you annoyed at some of the support? The one you’ve been waiting for.

But by that time both ATI and Nvidia will likely have released newer cards in this price range.

We have a look at the fastest of the two cards being released – the ATI Radeon HD – to find out if makes up for lost ground with the HD series. Considering we have yet to achieve visual perfection in PC games, there’s still a need for even faster hardware.


R AMD ATI Radeon HD X2 |

PowerColor bundled the card with the following:. Read on to find out whether it delivers AMD and Nvidia battle for mid-range supremacy. The laundry list of fixes are as follows:. Previous page 01 It’s much cheaper to work with memory and less expensive to integrate.


Which for a card with two active GPU cores is not bad at all. We’ll start off by showing you some tests we have done on overall power consumption of the PC. Galaxy S9 brings Samsung two steps forward, one step back. The only other thing we’ll add is that the X2 is one of the heaviest 3D cards we’ve encountered.

ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2: 2 GPUs 1 Card, A Return to the High End

We find out how the company’s new part performs across eight games and three neta. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Log in Don’t have an account?

Crysis Page 11 – Game performance: In idle the card 387×2 not make a lot of noise at all, you have to close in on the system to be able to hear it. We’ve spent the last 387×02 weeks familiarising ourselves with the architecture behind the hardware. Written by Tim Smalley. AMD has launched its latest high-end graphics card with a clear goal: A pretty interesting concept which we’ll look deeply into in March.