Product Registration Be able to join the discussions of web-based news groups. Please follow the procedure as shown below to finish memory installation. You can clear CMOS to restore system default setting. A series of lab tests were conducted under the real world scenario to determine optimum fan speed to reduce noise level within CPU working condition and temperature. Then connect your monitor and keyboard.

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By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Your personal settings that had been adjusted earlier will be highlighted; Vcm virtual Channel Memory system automatically recognize the change. This chapter describes jumpers, connectors and hardware devices of this motherboard. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. This motherboard implements special circuit to support Wake On Modem, both internal modem card and external box modem are supported.

Page of Go. Thanks to the intelligent monitoring design of AOpen O. Cool down CPU and Chipset is important for system reliability.

AOpen AK77-600N Computer Hardware User Manual

To clear the CMOS, follow the procedures below. Colors setting varies on different motherboards, the color setting here applies only to AKN Page 33 Please follow the procedure as shown below to finish memory installation. After you finish the setting of jumpers and connect correct cables. To collocate with hardware circuit, BIOS Traditional Green PC suspend mode does not really turn off the system power supply, it uses external box modem to trigger MB COM port aopfn resume back to active.


It is 2-pin female connector from the housing front panel. The AGP 8x is a bus interface targeted for high-performance 3D graphic.

AOpen eForum is provided to discuss our products with other users, in which your problem probably had been discussed before or will be answered. But after you finish the hardware installation, you have to install your operation system first such as Windows Aopenn before you can install any drivers or utilities.

AKN AOPEN Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

With expensive Resetable Fuse, the motherboard can resume back to normal function after fuse had done its protection job. The IDE bus is bit, which means every transfer is two bytes. Wear a wrist ground strap and attach it to a metal part of the system unit before handling a component. Serial ATA is to replace parallel with 6000 compatibility with existing operating systems and drivers, adding performance headroom for years to come.

Generally speaking, if you are not an over-clocker, we recommend you to set it to the default setting.


All of the specifications and information contained in this manual are subject to change without notice.

Page 53 – Dr. Any opinion will be appreciated. The orange LED indicates the link mode, it lights when linking to network and blinking when transferring data. You can clear CMOS to restore system default setting.

AOpen AK77-600N Easy Installation Manual

If you encounter any trouble to boot you system, follow the procedures accordingly to resolve the problem. Please be informed that AOconfig can only be operated in a system equipped with an AOpen motherboard.

This setting is designed specifically for AOpen housing. We recommend you follow the procedures below and seek help before contact us. Choose “Load Setup Defaults” for recommended optimal performance. The ATX power supply uses pin connector shown below. Don’t have an account?

Page 72 This verification is designed on purpose to protect your BIOS from damaged by wrong profile version.