Something that provides low as well as high framerate results. I’ve been running almost every video card successfully in my Super-7 combo for quite a while now and if there has been any compatibility issue, I would have addressed them in my reviews, but I still see many queries. The test machine is: I would have preferred at least a software-DVD player. The performance drop is quite small as you can see from the graph and this is something you can assured of with the TNT2.

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The important option to disable V-Sync! There is also active coolong on the card, see aopeh white power connect on the PCB. But anyways it seemed newer drivers didn’t give me any reasonable performance gains anyway. Both Acer and AOpen manufacture all sorts of components for PCs, just about anything component you can think of are manufactured by them.

AOpen RIVA TNT, il-lista tal-sewwieqa

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. This site hosts aaopen abandonware. MS DirectX Version 6. This is the final-tab in the main Display-Properties page, the TV-output option and settings.


VOGONS • View topic – old nVidia detonator drivers (TNT and newer)

The Heatsink and fan combo on my engineering product wasn’t up to my standards but I hope it’s not the same one used on the actual product.

Now I’ve got it working, I will continue with my benchmark tests The card doesn’t provide enough utilities or any other nice feature other than AOpen Overclocking utility.

The model is able to support Wi-Fi Similar to the previous case. Let’s get on with the product details: The fan and heatsink combo provided sucks! It shows some interesting results.

Updated 5/14 MOTHERBOARDS – Slot 1, Slot A, SS7, S370, SCSI, HDs, DVDROM, CDROM, Decoder, TNT,modem

The test machine is: Excellent 3D quality of course not Matrox style yet! There were only 8 of them, meaning each has a 4MB capacity. Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3DMarkMAX test suite for comparisons to view in full size, click on pictures.

You mean the cheat they applied to make your FX Ultra appear faster than it really was in 3DMark03? My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here! Ok, back to my test system.


It gives a basic insight of the company. I’ll benchmark ’em when they arrive!

And a few more standard options. The important option to disable V-Sync! A set of standard video outputs: Pod-Racer, Quake-2 and tested the games at x with extreme fluency. Here’s the Tune section where you can overclock both your memory and core speeds!

Overclocking is Nil on this engineering sample board MS Windows 98 Build 4. The accelerator is available in standard and OC versions: The only game that I’ve seen where bit colour makes a small difference is in Quake-3’s special effects, e. Nobody in the right state of mind will look at such tiny differences while playing games!

Game-1 Same as the above remark. So many of my TNT2 cards are bit!