Most of our products are shipped out within 24 hours of an order. Yahoo store designed by rescuemediagroup. We are authorized distributor for Areca since This usually takes 3 to 6 days. Details Out of Stock.

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Areca Products – SAS RAID Adapters

Read arec will be enhanced if the array controller can, in parallel, access all members of multi mirrored drives. If one or two drive fails, all data and software applications are preserved on the healthy drive.

The advancement of 10Gbps USB3. No RAID configuration structure is stored on these physical disks. This includes each of the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia.

You need to upgrade your kernel to version v4. Yahoo store designed by rescuemediagroup. Our linux driver in the kernel does not work with ARCT3 hotplug. Details Out of Stock. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or in an international locationyou may incur additional shipping fees, depending on the item you purchase. Call us for the availability.

We are authorized distributor for Areca since These products are regularly stocked in our warehouse, located in the Bay Area, California. A third disk in the mirror set would permit active double-redundancy like with RAID-6, but without the overhead of parity generation, so better performance at lower cost.


This new driver source patch will be integrated directly into the Linux kernel to replace the existed kernel ArcMsr driver source, allowing future versions of Linux operating systems to default support Areca’s entire family Thunderbolt RAID storage.

The intelligent cooling continuously adapts to environmental ardca by automatically controlling the speed of the cooling fans for the rapid growing demand from the video editing markets. Most of our products are shipped out within 24 hours of an order.

When purchasing a product, you have the option to upgrade your shipping speed at an extra charge. As you shop in our online store, feel free to call our experts at 1 or e-mail arecca with any questions you have about Areca products. From Linux Raid driver source v1.

Our product experts strive to give you personalized guidance and trustworthy service. All product orders being shipped within the contiguous U. Contact us for further information. The disk is available directly to the operating system as an individual disk.

We honor all current manufacturer warranties. The daemon software components operate eas coordination sa the upstream Thunderbolt kernel driver found in v4.


The Thunderbolt Linux code today consists of kernel and daemon components that extend the capabilities of firmware-based Thunderbolt systems. It is typically used on a system where the operating system is on a disk not controlled by the RAID controller firmware.

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The daemon is not compatible with the old out-of-tree Thunderbolt kernel module. RAID 1-Multi Mirroring writes three copies of everything, but its data storage capacity effective is By clicking agree you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

During writes, there will be a minor performance penalty when compared to writing to a single disk. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The controller-level ROC hardware encryption manages any kinds of drives attached to ARCU without impacting the performance for higher levels of security. Outbound shipping is free on all of our products to all locations within arfca contiguous United States.