And may i know what version of XP did you perform the slipstream on? But since I’m a sucker for beef burgers, and had once sworn loyalty to McD don’t laugh, I know allot of people sworn loyalty to some brand, like mac fags and droid fags alike I thought what the heck, after all it’s been a really long time since I’ve visited the clown’s restaurant. Feb 10 , Glad you made use of it. Almost Accidnet , rant. You’re the first who don’t understand it: I’ve got to tell myself that searching in linux is much faster then XP was.

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Personally I think it’s a sign of disrespect to His Royal Highness. TS, followed your step to created the xp setup cd and it work.

May 14 AskGolfGuru Android App https: BN dogs which started since Thursday with preemptive arrest and their infamous fear and hate mongering road blocks.

It’s worth a thousand words. Below are the results.


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The process should finish in around 10 minutes. Sunday, July 10, Bersih 2.

Dec 5 Which method are you using? You can’t post answers that contain an email address.

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Not supported here means you will get “Hard Disk not found! And by doing so only reinforces the support for Bersih and ultimately Pakatan Rakyat which is the only choice other then BN. I’m not sure if you tried px guide but its supposed to work.

It should come with the driver. So, I am going to make an unattended install XP however, the unattended Install should also be name winnt.

Monday, September 19, Living on the 17th Floor. Now, what 4 things?

Installing XP with MassStorage(SATA/RAID) Drivers

Being a middle class working citizen, having a home doesn’t really mean much other then having a place to bunk after a days work. Friday, August 19, Pornview.

I only made the slipstreaming part which works for me. The price difference was huge for similar spec. SubKi er, u r c7144tu, finally, solve my problem: Nov 19 I’d sure appreciate it if someone could give me the proceedure for each possibly the same for both for. Yes Cartman87, you should select burn saved project then select the ISO image, not make data disc.


Intel Sun Hold Thd 0301L Zip Xp Download

Tuesday, Px 11, RM Mar 26 Hope this will help. P Basically, if you followed the instruction on adding the boot. Posted on Jul 06, HP Website never does provide enough detail on the specification of the laptop you’re using because HP seems to have a lot of different hardware configuration for one model series. Nov 13 Apr 8 Convoyed back to my place.