Laser Service, Aviation Blvd. If you can’t solve the problem, repost with more details, e. If you do not the cartridge is defective in spite of being new. I think the hp kiosk program may have screwed things up. Tried cleaning the print nozzle with alcohol saw a little yellow but still only prints magenta.

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I found the C driver download at http: Thais what led to my post in the first place. How do I check that? That may seen like wide margins but it is your only choice working within the limitations of the printer. I am experiencing the exact same problems, and also have tried similar fixes with no success.

There are no tools other than those included with Windows XP. Using damp Q-tips [not wet or dripping], gently and carefully wipe off the copper colored electrical plates on the cartridges and the electrical contacts inside the holder assy. Parlean Kearney – Anonymous. Ceskjet do you do that? After I did all of the above, I sent a test page to the printer and it printed in magenta but it worked find other than that. Guess what, the C was not listed!


Check the carriage drive 81c2.

I did all the usual things – checked connections, drivers, cleaned contacts, changed cartridges. I’ll try returning it to the store.

Can anyone help me? Go to the Vista Control Panel and select Programs and Features, then uninstall any software that was installed from the disk, then close the Control Panel.

Microsoft Update Catalog

The print head is at the bottom of the cartridge. I hope I don’t need a new printer, This one has feskjet so well for so long! Are you printing text or graphics? I have connect the power source and the printer cable and their deskjey this one little connection that I can not find what goes with it. I have replaced the cartridge but only green and black seem to print.

I have a brand new ink cartridge and I have cleaned it and printed all of the test pages. It deskjst continue print numerous pages that is a jarbled mess of data.


Printer will print text only in tiny compressed characters – maybe only 4 or 6 pt. Due to a system problem, I needed to reinstall Windows XP.

HP Deskjet 812C printer won’t print

So I guess I will check with a computer technician. On the bottom left hand corner there is a button “Start”. Right-click the Printer icon on the Taskbar. I have also printed out test pages and no luck. Have you tried the printer on a different system? Why haven’t they corrected this problem? Wanted to get advice from folks who’ve done dedkjet already.

hp deskjet 812c

Chris From that point I would uninstall printer info all. Please sign in to comment.

Further more, it warned that ‘the continued installation may impair or destabilize the correct operations of your system either immediately or in the future’.