Turn on the machine and allow it to come to ready. Loss of E-mail addresses. The rest of the image is normal. Exposure lamp end terminals cracking or shorting to the scanner frame. Remove the jumper and return it to the pin it was stored on.

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The tray unit of the FN finisher is not properly secured. Remove and disassemble the take up clutch and clean with alcohol all parts to remove excess poztscript and debris.

Konica Minolta Di3510 – Printers and MFPs specifications.

Ppostscript the Tech Rep mode: Power OFF the machine and remove the power cord from the outlet for approximately one minute.

Solution All numbers to be included in the group dial must be registered in one-touch keys first. The latest print drivers are available via the Konica Minolta Download Selector.

Any originals that exceed this limit will be treated as a separate file. Solution To set the date and time, perform the following: Solution See Security White Paper for details.


The magnet on the bottom, right, front of postscripg document feeder is not properly aligned with the reed switch which is under the cover.

The latest Media Player can be downloaded at: Solution How to change the default: Screen freezing in Konica Minolta logo. Select the TSI to be used and press “Enter.

Please update the MSC firmware to the version discussed in bulletin F. Part numbers for the MFP3 board are: The password posyscript changed orhas beenforgotten.

Konica Minolta Di Printers and MFPs specifications

Now many products placed or being considered for placement. Turn off the machine and connect the ethernet cable or set it for a static IP address. No need to add recipients posttscript a spreadsheet.

Some systems support a third, LPT3. Misfeeding of the paper can be caused by grease getting in the gap between the gear and the hub of the paper feed clutch. Solution Machines equipped with the hard disk drive do not show the copy count poshscript on the LCD, whereas, the machines without the hard disk drive do show the copy count down on the LCD.



Please see the attached PDF for detailed instructions. Please avoid enabling Remote Diagnostics in the future. Solution contributed by Paul Tamburrino, R. This indicates either a defective flash media ROM or the flash upgrade is corrupt. That standard is ISO ppm. The exit solenoid for thefinisher SL2 has failed. The tray lift motor and set sensor di350f been replaced and the supply voltages have been checked.

This postsceipt resulted in a much simpler driver configuration and a much smaller UPD. Set the correct marketing area. Checking for any enabled Pop-up blockers and reconfiguring them.

Solution A reprint can only be performed at the machine itself. The affected options are: Re-seat connection between the two boards.