Make your computer meets the minimum system requirements. The BOP firmware is wiped. Message 4 of 91 , Views. Is some of the space being taken up by junk files as part of my crappy install? If the battery is dead, the computer will not recognize it. Select the “Action” button from the top menu, and choose to “Scan for hardware changes.

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It seems to be functioning normally now. Thank you guys for the help. I’m just wondering; is this a typo or do I actually have the latest version? I am trying to flash either the original sansa firmware or rockbox firmware. It is not able to boot up at this point, but Windows is recognizing it as a 7.

Rockbox Manual Install

That little quibble aside, this is an unexpected but pleasant surprise. John Smith began writing back in Make your computer meets the minimum system requirements. I would also like to post all my findings in a later iinstall to help those trying to crack the BOP mp3 player.


Once again, is 7. Sorry, just noticed that you copied rockbox files to the device.

Sansa Clip+ (Clip Plus) is Wiped, Having Trouble Installing Functional Firmware

Power on device to complete the upgrade process. I’m trying to install the update on my clip.

So what I did since my last post was: Message 3 of 91Views. Message 6 of 91Views. I did this to xlip the mp3 and start over.

The BOP firmware is wiped. Brought to you by Techwalla. You can’t use rockbox utility or the Sandisk firmware updater though. When it was powered on, Windows would not recognize it. This firmware has several bug fixes and enhancements, instalo listed below. The RockBox utility is saying mountpoint does not exist.

So, I went to the manual firmware installation page, and read through the directions. If you have any problem installing manually, the Sansa Updater will transfer and decompress the file automatically for you, a few days after the initial release.

About the Author John Smith began writing clkp in I need some help on this. Message 2 of 91Views. I don’t think those instructions are complete, and I’m a little skeptical that the author actually succeeded using those steps, but in theory when in recovery mode you can flash the regular firmware to your player.


This will completely ssnsa up the NAND, which basically puts in you in the “bricked” player situation. I then used Win32DiskImager to write the patched-rockbox. This will install the updater. Windows was having trouble recognizing the mp3 so I unplugged and powered down.

I just don’t want to accidentally brick my player or something.

How to Install the Sandisk Sansa Clip in a Computer | It Still Works

Charge the Sansa battery before plugging into the computer. Unstall the quick format and another power down, power up and plug in, the Sansa updater came on automatically. Message 8 of 91Views.