Only with SL2 and higher. DJing is low on our priorities at the mo. I sold an old SL1 to a friend of mine a while back and we had the same issue trying to get it set up on his computer, which I’m pretty sure was running Windows 7. I just installed serato and drivers for the first time on a friends computer with windows 7. Cool mod and looks like a lot of work done. If you have an AMD processor Serato does not work with them.

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I’d like to have something like this with an Audio4DJ.

Just to update this thread. This may not work for you. You need to use a seraato and test your RCA ports connections Just came across this.

Download Scratch Live

I could not get the sl3 to work with scratch live on that computer at all, but it had serato DJ installed and it worked fine. What about if we ran serato on a seperate computer? I remember TeLLy did it to his lnstall a while back – good stuff. Nowadays working mainly on controller maps and sticking Innofaders in things.


How to: Install SL1 inside your mixer [Archive] –

Install SL1 inside your mixer. It holds people back and forces them on the expensive bandwagon. Great work man, Must be really handy if you take the mixer to gigs instead of havig to setup a SL box aswel? Consult the google for a how to as i do not remember the process.

I’m on the hunt for serao 56s to do this with right now. I had to sign back up to say hi. You have a “sleeper”. Yup I’m in Jim Thorpe.

Is there a way to onstall the two computers together? I would assume it would fit in a pioneer I used hot glue, and glued water bottle caps to the each side of the SL1 board as a spacer in-between the two pcb’s.

I know, I know. I’ve disappointed you, I’ve disappointed the forum, but most of all I’ve disappointed myself: In fact I’d say it would be easier than the Ecler I did.

All in all I’m super psyched about it. Hey guys, good to be back. Including your install, I count 5 successful installs since the tutorial not including your subsequent installs. If you have an AMD processor Serato does not work with them. Srrato could use both the sl2 and sl3 with serato DJ with no issues. Failing this, can I offer you store credit as a gesture between friends? DUMB of them Not really For what it’s worth, our hardware is apparently compatible with USB 1.


the serato SL can find the install of the hardware. unknown device show. |

I had to uninstall serato, and then reinstall it with the next box plugged in while it was installing. The driver updater says that the SL1 driver has been successfully installed, but when I open Serato it still says the hardware is disconnected. I’ll give that a look, thanks. The way things are set up, if you ripped the A8 and its wires out of the mixer, both pieces should still function fully. Istall just got a TTM57SL, which I can now use for gigs, and Serxto keep the 56 at home, so no more breaking my setup down to go play at the club.

Which version of Serato?