The registered version has a somewhat faster USB driver enabled. So I did some Googling and ran across this web page http: As shown here this indicates the computer serial end is working ok. USB was not designed to be used in the automotive environment. Additional Navigation menu options, i.

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Usually the best solution to the driver problem is to unplug the cable, uninstall the driver and then re-install the driver. Even the drivers included with the adapter on CD may be out of date.

They should not be offered by any reseller and WILL cause you problems. Valid signals are plus or minus 3 to 15 volts. For a current project, I am using Tuner Studio, and a laptop with Windows 10 64 Bit and absolutely can’t get the Gigaware unit to work.

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This page has now been superceded, please click here. The RS standard was originally conceived in a different era, to transport data via modems over primitive voice lines.

Additional Navigation menu options, i. If it has not, try the cable and CPU socket loopback tests. Lift it out progressively by prying up each end a fraction at a time. They float usb to share, original serial is fifo first in first out, no collisions ever usb should be fixed on anything past Before starting the instructions, a word of advice. The next step is loading the firmware to your MS2. I remember the invention. I have no idea what that BSOD, etc jargon is.


Looking at a way around this problem including going with megathne Bluetooth connection which is another learning curve for me.

Why is connection dropping when driving? |

As supplied, most Megasquirt-2 in kit form are supplied ‘blank’ without firmware loaded. Oh yeah, I learned that if I close the lid on my laptop then unplug the USB port while Tuner Studio is open that I’ll get that, or if the computer screen goes to sleep while the lid is closed and Mrgatune is on with the USB plugged in. Works flawlessy with ms1, microsquirt module, ms2 megstune ms3. However if connecting to a running vehicle for data logging and live tuning, it is critical to understand a few things before selecting your USB to serial adapter.

These are typically 6ft long, when combined with a 3ft USB cable, you have 9ft of cable. Please see megatuns article on serial port connectivity for directions on configuring a built-in serial port.

I’ve always plugged the adapter right into the MegaSquirt and ran a USB extension cord to the laptop.


Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA)

Also on more rare ush there are problems with real serial cables such as pinch or break in the line. I finally switched over to the internal usb plug on the ms3.

Standard DB9-DB9 straight through serial cable: When done, turn off power, re-install CPU and re-install case. Originally posted by thesilverbuick View Post.

While older drivers may work with older operating megatuune, they consistently create problems for users using Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you don’t know how to do this, here are directions for getting into the Device Manager for XP and Vista. Login or Sign Up. Sadly I want to keep RS to talk to another module but thought I’d drop this here in case someone wants to look in to it Maybe publish a simple list on their website would be a start?

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion for this FAQ please post it on the megaune. Double check the COM port and baud rate.